These statements reflect the values of the OSU-NRT Leadership team, and do not explicitly represent those of NSF-NRT or OSU. However, please visit these links for the:


  • Diversity. Our experiences and beliefs are consistent with the notion that diverse research teams have greater exchange of ideas, providing opportunities for individual growth as well as ultimately more meaningful scientific productivity. Therefore, we value diversity in our group, and we strive to include members representing different nationalities, identities, ethnicities, abilities, gender, worldviews, and expertise.
  • Inclusiveness. We believe that everybody has a unique way to contribute to scientific endeavors, when given an opportunity to do so. Therefore, we value the engagement of all trainees in scientific, collaborative, and social activities, and we strive to provide an environment where all feel comfortable and appreciated when expressing their ideas.
  • Respect. We believe that everybody must be treated with respect. We value respectful dialogues and understand that the impacts of our actions are more important than their intentions.
  • Listening. We understand that we are not perfect, and that we can learn from each other. Therefore, we value and are open to ideas that allow us to move toward a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive program.
  • Team science. We believe that team science is a powerful way to address complex and multifaceted research projects, and thus we provide professional training in collaborative transdisciplinary synthesis and communication. At the same time, we value independent thinking and the development of leadership roles, and thus provide space and opportunities to trainees to explore and develop leadership skills in team projects.
  • Open source. We believe that science thrives when we share information and build on each other ideas. We therefore value sharing our ideas developed during project and training activities.
  • Work-life balance. We believe that hard work is rewarded, but that there is a balance between work and life. Thus, we value time spent on personal and family activities, as they reflect care and support for mental health.
  • Friendship. We value time spent together and building meaningful and shared experiences.


  • We do not tolerate, and expect members of the OSU NRT team to not tolerate, any form of discrimination based on nationality, identity, ethnicity, ability, gender, worldview, and expertise.
  • We expect that those of us who are joining the OSU NRT program share these values.
  • We expect that all OSU NRT members practice inclusive and respectful communication, and awareness of implicit biases toward certain disciplines, ethnicities, gender, and identities.
  • We expect that all OSU NRT members engage in further evolving these values and expectations.


  • To promote the recruitment of underrepresented minorities in our program.
  • To identify and eliminate barriers for retention and successful graduation of underrepresented minorities
  • To provide a safe forum for all trainees and program participants to discuss topics related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • To provide professional training in collaborative and transdisciplinary synthesis and communication
  • To provide opportunities for trainees to develop beneficial professional connections
  • To foster successful transitions of all trainees to professional careers

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